Korean Made Easy in Indonesian


Korean Made Easy – Starter in Indonesian, published by Grasindo (Indonesia)


Price: 114,000 rupiah


CD (mp3 files)


Korean Made Easy – For Beginners in Indonesian, published by Grasindo (Indonesia)


Price: 153,000 rupiah


CD (1 pdf file for key phrases & mp3 files)

PDF bonus

Bonus PDF file

PDF bonus inside

PDF file, first page, Indonesian

PDF bonus inside 2

PDF file, 2nd page, Korean

I went to Gramedia bookstore in Bekasi for the first time after many months and found that the two Korean textbooks of Korean Made Easy book series, originally published by Darakwon (South Korea), had been translated into Indonesian.

The books are in full-color, they look fun to learn with, the page layouts and fonts are neat and easy to read, just like the original ones. I was so excited that I bought them both. I don’t live in Korea, I can always use refreshers. It is still hard to find a good enough Korean textbook for beginners in Indonesian language and the Darakwon books are perfect for self-studying. ###


2017 Desk Calendar from KBS World Radio

In January, I joined a Facebook event held by KBS World Radio to receive a 2017 desk calendar and today the postman delivered this to my house.

Something from KBS World Korea

Always happy to get something from Korea.

The pictures in the calendar are so beautiful and I love the little information box about the art piece in each of the picture.


As tall as my 2 liter water bottle.

For example, this one about the picture above:

White Porcelain Jar
백자 달항아리

This item is called a moon jar, or dal hangari in Korean,
after its round shape. A transparent white glaze was used on this jar, and long, thin cracks formed on the glazed surface. It is generally regarded as a handsome artifact that embodies the beauty of Joseon white porcelain in its milk white, graciously rounded surface.

I love it. Thank you, KBS World Radio! 감사합니다. 😀 ###

‘Hey Korean Mission’: 전화 (Phone/Phone Call)

Naver Whale and Papago

I love the new Naver Whale browser with its built-in Papago (translator).

The word for this week was 전화 (phone/phone call).

친척한테서 전화 왔다.
I got a phone call from a relative.

난 그녀의 전화를 받고 싶지 않다.
I do not want to receive her phone call.

And this is my sentence:

박재민 DJ님께 안부 전화를 드리고자 했는데 전화번호를 모르겠어요.
I wanted to call DJ JaeMin to say hi but I don’t know his phone number.

And of course, he had to pretend to announce his phone number.

For Korean Buzzwords section, HyunWoo 선생님 told listeners about:

실검 = 실시간 검색어, real-time popular search keywords, real-time ranking for popular search terms

금사빠 = 금방 사랑에 빠지는 사람, someone who falls in love easily

That’s all. ###

Hey Korean Mission: 시간 (Time)

The word for Hey Korean Mission on Catch The Wave – Arirang Radio this week was 시간 (time). They gave 2 examples:

그 학생은 시간이 없다는 핑계로 숙제를 안 했다.
The student did not do his homework under the excuse that he had no time.

이 일은 시간이 많이 걸리지만 보람 있다.
This work takes up a lot of time but is worth it.

I sent in this sentence, 5 minutes before the show:

현우 선생님의 얘기를 듣고 있으면 재미있어서 시간 가는 줄 모르겠다.
Listening to Mr. HyunWoo speaking, I don’t realize the passing of time because it’s so entertaining.

HyunWoo 선생님 said thank you for the compliment and joked that I was the 3rd person who said it other then his wife and his son. He was just being humble, of course, considering he is a YouTube personality and a host of TV show in Korea.

For Korean buzzword section, DJ JaeMin and HyunWoo 선생님 explained about 아무 말 대잔치 (literally: a huge party of saying anything), which I understood as ‘nonsensical talk/conversation’, and 국민+noun (national + noun), for example 국민 여동생 (‘national little sister’, a nickname for popular young teenage female celebrities with clean image, for example IU and Suzy).

아무 말 대잔치

아무 말 대잔치 on Naver English Dictionary

I looked up the term 아무 말 대잔치 on Naver English Dictionary and it seems that K-pop idols often use it to point out that someone is talking nonsense. ###

My Sentence Using 날씨 (Weather)

Catch The Wave - iTunes

Catch the Wave on iTunes

오늘 날씨가 우중충해서 빨래는 실내에서 말렸다.
Today’s weather wasn’t that good so I dried my laundry indoors.

DJ JaeMin read my sentence on-air, he said ‘this is a very good sentence’ and then I stopped listening. Maybe I’ll check the podcast in a few days for the Korean Buzzword section. ###

Download KOREA Magazine (pdf)

KOREA Magazine is a free monthly magazine in English about Korean culture, art, food, literature, entertainment, language, etc. that you can download at http://www.korea.net (scroll down to the bottom of the page for ‘Publications’). The magazine is full of colorful pictures and interesting articles from which you can learn more about Korea.

The latest edition (March 2017) is available for download now.


Back issues are also available for download.

At the last pages of the magazine, there are 2 sections for Korean language learners. In the March 2017 edition, you can learn a line from the popular K-drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great God:

너와 함께 한 모든 시간이 눈부셨다. (Every moment I spent with you shined.)

There is also a Korean mini lesson, with conversation, grammar explanation, and exercise:
올해 무엇을 결심했어요? (What have you decided to do this year?)


Korean Lesson

-기 위해
-를/을 위해
-기로 하다

I think it’s good for revising basic Korean grammar.

Look, I made sentences for ‘Let’s Practice’… 🙂
한국어 실력을 늘리기 위해 음독 연습을 꾸준히 하기로 했어요.
한국에서 살기 위해서 돈을 모으고 있어요.
아침에 일찍 일어나기 위해 밤 9시에 자려고 해요.
부모님을 위해 TV를 선물해 드렸어요.
남자친구를 위해 케익을 직접 만들었어요.
미래를 위해 차라리 현재를 즐기겠어요.

Go ahead and download the magazines now! ###