Junior Naver – Korean Educational Website for Kids

I found this link from my old blog post. Wow, my blog is so useful for myself.😀

Junior Naver : http://jr.naver.com

Junior Naver

Junior Naver is a Korean educational site for children where you can watch tons of Korean children’s animated movies (동화), learn Korean from Korean children’s songs if that’s your thing (just click the tab with 동요 written on it or click this link: http://jr.naver.com/song), read Korean picture books (with audio), learn English (영어), games, etc.

My favorite section is 동화 or children’s stories: http://jr.naver.com/story

I’ve just read a picture book and I noticed that 넓네 was pronounced [넘네] but according to 국립국어원, the standard pronunciation is [널레].😀

All videos can be watched in full screen, in case you don’t realize that there is a double-pointed arrow to click for full screen (전체화면) on the right corner of the video. ###

My Korean Sentence Using 높다 (High)

Catch The Wave: http://arirangradio.com/catchthewave
Click “Message Board” from the tab on the left.

Scroll down and click ‘Write’ to leave your message on Message Board

I sent 2 sentences for Hey Korean Mission – Arirang Radio this week in 2 different messages and the two DJs -DJ JaeMin and Hyunwoo 선생님 from http://www.talktomeinkorean.com – read them both. The homework was 높다 (high), pronunciation [놉따].

My message

JaeMin: Andini from Indonesia. (Reading the subject of my message) ‘높다’. (He continues to my message) ‘I learned 눈이 높다 (to have high standard).’

Hyunwoo: Oh, yes.

JaeMin: (giving his own example) So when you say ‘어휴, 쟤 너무 눈이 높아’ = ‘He/she has a high standard on dating a girl or dating a guy’…

Hyunwoo: Yeah, yeah. That’s right. ‘You’re too picky’.

JaeMin: Yeah, ‘too picky’.

Hyunwoo: Yeah, ‘눈이 높아요.’ Your eyes are way up there.

JaeMin: Yeah, you’re not talking to me?

Hyunwoo: No, I mean…

JaeMin: Hahaha.

Hyunwoo: Maybe. That’s the reason maybe… (but he doesn’t continue).

JaeMin: Hahaha. OK. (Reading my message) ‘And I immediately thought about DJ JaeMin.’ Oh, come on!

Hyunwoo: Are you really like this?

JaeMin: Andini! Come on…!

Hyunwoo: Do you have high standards?

JaeMin: No, no, no. Not at all.

Hyunwoo: Do you have low standards, then?

JaeMin: Probably. Yeah, I’m more like a low guy.

Hyunwoo: Hahaha.

JaeMin: Oh, come on, Andini. (Reading my message) ‘So I immediately thought
about DJ JaeMin because he has been single for a long time.’ (Responding) Yes.

Hyunwoo: I see.

JaeMin: (Making a funny facial expression and laughs) Duh. OK. (Reading again) ‘I think I can say 박재민 DJ님은 눈이 너무 높으신가 봐요.’

Hyunwoo: Hahaha.

JaeMin: Come on! I can’t believe I’m reading this message by myself.

Hyunwoo: Yeah. The Korean sentence 박재민 DJ님은 눈이 너무 높으신가 봐요 means I
assume that you have high standard. But you know what, like, every single person that I’ve met and said that they have low standards, when they actually start listing up the conditions that the woman has to meet, like, the list goes on forever.

JaeMin: I only have, like, 30 conditions.

Hyunwoo: 30? OK…

JaeMin: That’s not much.

Hyunwoo: That’s not much… yeah…

JaeMin: Hahaha. I’m just kidding. Next message? Let’s cover one more message
and play, let’s have some music break.

Also my message

Hyunwoo: OK. Andini. This is really good. I love this. (Reading my sentence and translating) ‘제가 생각하기엔’, in my opinion, 여성분 게스트 DJ가 계시는 날에는, whenever there is a female guest on the show, 박재민 DJ가 자기에 대한 폭탄발언을 하실 가능성이 높다고 봐요.

JaeMin: Hahaha.

Hyunwoo: So, using 높다, you know.

JaeMin: True.

Hyunwoo: (Translating) ‘I think there is a ‘high possibility’, 높은 가능성, high possibility of JaeMin saying something dangerous about himself’. 거의 매일이죠, 뭐.
‘Basically, every single day.’

JaeMin: It’s like opening the Pandora’s box.

Hyunwoo: Hahaha.

JaeMin: That happens a lot.

Hyunwoo: Yeah. It’s all you. It’s on you.

JaeMin: Andini, you know me too much.

Hyunwoo: Too well.

JaeMin: This is kind of too much. I’m gonna play a song. And… Andini, call me right now! We need some conversation.

Hyunwoo : That’s right. Hahaha.

It was fun. They were very funny. I wish I could really make that phone call to JaeMin.😀 ###

Learn Korean Short Phrases (한국어 í•œë§ˆë””)

This is a section that I like from Sejong Institute: 한국어 한마디 (Korean: 1 sentence at a time for everyday life). You can learn 60 short Korean phrases in total, with sample conversations. Link: http://www.sejonghakdang.org/opencourse/etc/detail.do?currentPage=1&perPage=8&orderby=-3&typeCd=CONVERSATION_TYPE%3A%3A01&srchlanguageType=LANGUAGE_TYPE%3A%3AKOREAN&srchStudyType&srchDifficultyCd&srchContentsType&srchDataType&srchTitle&courseMasterSeq=5521&courseActiveSeq=8341&copyTargetLanguageCd&regMemberSeq&reSeq&leftmenu=B&subflag&currentMenuId&currentType=%3FcourseMasterSeq%3D5521

Important Korean phrases

Some of the contents on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLInPGbDZkjSSTnntU4JP0QYoh5vNlSB7S (playlist).

This series is under “Introductory Level” tab on Sejong Institute’s website, with romanization, translation in 9 languages including English and Indonesian, and also narration/explanation in Korean, but Korean sentences such as 요즘 정신없이 바빠요 or 요즘 기타에 푹 ë¹ ì ¸ 있어요 are polite expressions that could make your Korean sound fluent and natural. ###