Change Your Twitter’s Language to Korean

This will force you to memorize some new Korean words, which all will be Twitter-related but still useful. Learning in context and repetition is how you can retain your Korean vocabulary longer so SNS is a good way to do that. You use Twitter everyday, that’s the repetition. And you will remember the context, that you learn those words on Twitter.

Just check the translation of those alien words with Google Translate and Naver Dictionary.

You can change the language from Settings.

Choose a language from the drop-down menu.

Look at the drop-down menu. After you click OK, and change your Twitter’s language to 한국어/Korean, you can learn or relearn the terms for languages that you read from a Korean book but never put into use. 영어 is English, 인도네시아어 is Indonesian, and so on.

Twitter will ask you to enter your password.

And this is how the same request displayed in Korean. Exciting!

Notice that the Save button has turned into this:

Ah, so that’s how they roll in Korea… (?)

And from this:

to this:

Look around, and you will realize, that this:

has turned into this:

Even better, this:

has turned into this:

And you can always change the language from the Settings, I mean, 설정.

back to English.

If you’re feeling confident/adventurous, you can do the same with Facebook, Gmail, and other SNS.

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