Commercial by 2PM for Look Optical

In this commercial, you can see 2PM members wearing glasses… for 15 seconds.

바둑이도 변했다.
Spotted dogs have changed, too.

다방 커피도 변했다.
Coffee at cafes has changed, too.

시대가 변했는데 안경원 너 뭐 하니?
Time has changed, so optician store, what do you do?

안경원 Look optical이 되다.
Optician store becomes Look Optical.

내 맘대로 담고 쓰고 찍고 고르고.
I put them in, use them, and take pictures with them on as I please.

안경은 얼굴이다.
Glasses are your face.

Look Optical 패션 안경샵
Fashion Glasses Shop

Credit to uploader SoraSuchanTaec0904 ###

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