This commercial resembles a scene from Mission Impossible.


도착하면 우선 전화를 해.
When you arrive, make a phone call first.

민호가 가방을 바꿔치기 하면
If Minho switches the bags

종현이,태민이가 마무리를 할거야.
Jonghyeon and Taemin will do the final step.

(방해하지 마.)
Do not disturb!

Keep in mind.

뺏기면 모든게 끝이야.
If it falls into their hand, everything is over.

절대 뺏기면 안 돼.
Never let them steal it away.

Word List

바꿔치다 =counterchange, exchange
마무리하다 =finish the work, wrap up
방해하다 =get in the way, disturb
뺏기다 =lose something to someone else
끝 =end

Credit to Reebok & uploader lilo93 ###


SHINee in Reebok’s Commercial

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