Lee Min Ho:
내 LED 볼래? 컬러 쨍쨍하지.
Nae LED bollae? Keolleo jjaengjjaenghaji.
Do you want to see my LED? The color is sparkling, you know.

Park Shin Hye:
내 껏도.
Nae kkeotdo.
So is mine.

되게 매끈하지.
Doege maekkeunhaji.
It’s really sleek, you know.

내 껏도 그래.
Nae kkeotdo geurae.
So is mine.

터치 해볼래?
Teochi haebollae?
Do you want to touch it?

내 LED.
Nae LED.

LED로 입술이 자체 발광.
LED-ro ibsuri jache balgwang.
Shining lips with LED.

에뛰드 루씨달링 판타스틱 루즈
Ettwideu lussidalling pantaseutig rujeu.
Etude LuciDarling Fantastic Rouge

넌 있니?
Neon inni?
Do you have them?

LED 입술
LED ibsul
LED lips.

Word List

컬러 keolleo= color
쨍쨍 jjaengjjaeng= gleam, glare
매끈하다 maekkeunhada=sleek, smooth
되게 doege=very, really
자체 발광 jache balgwang=self-glowing

Credit to Etude & uploader lovexpunch


Park Shin Hye and Lee Minho in a Commercial for Etude House

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