Lee Min Jung 이민정 [iminjeong] in a commercial for tire check at T Station.


드라이빙의 불안함
Deuraibing-ui buranham
Things that make you anxious when driving.

The shaking.

The noise.

Traffic jam(?)

타이어 점검으로도 달라져요.
Tai-eo jeomgeom-eurodo dallajyeoyo.
Tire check will make a lot of difference.

평생 무상점검에 교체부담까지 줄인 스마트케어 서비스.
Pyeongsaeng musangjeomgeom-e gyochebudamkkaji jurin seumateukeeo seobiseu.
Smart care service with free check for life that will also reduce your burden to make replacement.

Word List

불안 buran= anxiety
떨리다 tteollida= tremble, shake
점검 jeomgeom= check
무상 musang= free of charge
교체 gyeoche= change, replacement
부담 budam= burden
줄이다 jurida= reduce

Credit to T Station & uploader dreamskorea


Learn Korean from Lee Minjung’s Commercial

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