Improve your Korean Listening Skill with SNSD’s Commercial

Members of Girls’ Generation, fighting for chicken.


내 꺼야~
Nae kkeoya~
It’s mine.

You can’t!

내 꺼~
Nae kkeo~

내 꺼라니까~
Nae kkeoranikka~
I told you it’s mine!

굽네치킨 앞에선
Gubne Chikin apeseon
Facing Gubne Chicken

서녀시대도 선년이 된다
Seonyeo Sidae-do seon-nyeoni doenda.
even Girls’ Generation becomes boys.

내 꺼야~
Nae kkeoya~

언니들 만원에 한마리 던데.
Eonnideul man-won-e hanmari deonde.
Big sisters, with 10 thousand won we get one whole chicken in addition.

♫굽 굽 굽네를 원해
Gub gub gumnereul wonhae.
I want Gub gub Gubne.

♫만원에 한 마리 더
Man-won-e han mari deo
One more whole chicken with 10 thousands won.

어리지널 굽네치킨
Eorijineol Gubnechikin
Original Gubne Chicken

만원에 한 마리 더
man-won-e han mari deo
one more whole chicken with 10 thousands won.

한 마리 더 세트 출시!
Han mari deo seteu chulsi!
We start selling “one more whole chicken” package.

만원 추가시 한 마리 더 주문 가능.
Manwon chugasi han mari deo jumun ganeung.
When you add order for 10 thousand won, you can order 1 whole chicken in addition.

와~ 한 마리 더 만원이야?
Wa~ han mari deo manwoniya?
Wow, one more for 10 thousand won?

아니, 만원에 한 마리 더야.
Ani, manwone han mari deoya.
Nope, for 10-thousand-won order, you get one more.

갓 구워 더 맛있다! 굽네치킨
Gat guwo deo masissda! Gubnechikin
Freshly grilled, so it’s even more delicious! Gubne Chicken

Gubne Chicken

Word List

선년 seonnyeon= young boys
추가 chuga= addition
갓 gat= just now
굽다 gubda= bake, grill
출시 chulshi= launch, release

Credit to Gubne Chicken & uploader.

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