Narration (woman):
송중기 씨, 과연 어느 우유가 더 신선할까요?
Mr. Song Jung Ki, so which one of these milk is fresher?

3일 남은 우유
3-day-old milk

4일 남은 우유
4-day-old milk

Song Jung Ki:
I don’t know!

제조일자가 없으니까!
Because it’s without a date of manufacture.

Narration (man):
우유의 신선함
The freshness of milk

제조일자로 확인하세요.
please check it from the date of manufacture.

제조일자, pronounciaton [제조일짜]: date of manufacture
유통기한: time of distribution/expiration date, until…

갓 짜낸 신선함을 원한다면
If you wish for the freshness of fresh-squeezed milk

Seoul Milk

Credit to Seoul Uyu & uploader seoulmilk2010


Song Jung Ki in Milk Commercial

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