하얀 파도
Hayan pado
White waves.

하얀 구름
Hayan gureum
White cloud.

하얀 여름이 좋다
Hayan yeoreumi johda
I like white summer. 

기스면이 좋다
giseumyeoni johda
I like Giseumyeon Noodle. 

Park Yoochun & text:
청양초 맑은 라면 기스면
cheong-yangcho malgeun ramyeon giseumyeon
Cheong-yangcho clear soup ramen Giseumyeon 

6월, 기스면의 여름 개봉
yuwol, giseumyeon-ui yeoreum gaebong
June, the summer of Gisemyeon starts. 

Word List

청양초 cheong-yangcho= hot green chili pepper
개봉 gaebong= open, start, premiere

Credit to Ottogi Noodle


Park Yoochun (JYJ)’s Noodle Commercial

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