[Unboxing] SHINee The First, Indonesian Edition

I got a little present from my sister. It’s the Indonesian edition of SHINee’s first Japanese album (CD only, without DVD), The First, released by Warner Music Indonesia. She didn’t bother taking the price label off. It’s Rp 85,000 or about 723 yen. (I googled “85000 rupiah in yen”).

The “real” Japanese edition costs 2800 yen.

With cheaper price comes mediocre packaging.

The photo book also serves as the CD case. I wish they would have made the cover of the book a little thicker, like with paper board or something, but they didn’t.

The binding is not so good, some pages are already falling off. Oops. I need to be more careful.

The pictures are nice, printed on thick paper, but a little blurry. There are about 15 pictures, I guess, including the one on the cover.

The lyrics (in Japanese characters and a little in hangeul) are actually printed well, unlike blurry hangeul lyric booklets of some other Indonesian edition of Korean CDs.

The accreditation pages (or list of names of song writers, composers, music directors, etc., not sure what it’s called) are hardly readable despite the fact they’re written in English.

Despite the packaging, I love it. The CD itself is perfect and the music is great.

Oh, and unlike the Korean edition of the Japanese album which includes Korean translation of the lyrics, the Indonesian edition doesn’t come with Indonesian translation.

I would have bought it myself. So glad I got it as a present.

Thanks for the nice surprise, little sis! (who probably will never read this blog unless I tell her to).

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