KBS World Radio in Japanese have Korean lessons from which listeners can learn Korean expressions from KBS dramas. How cool is that? Unfortunately, the lessons are meant for Japanese listeners so the program is entirely in Japanese. Recently they’ve been uploading some of their lesson videos on YouTube.

The complete lesson in Japanese is here.


Mary’s Father:
참 정서방.
cham jeongseobang.
By the way, Jung.

내일 약혼식 끝나는 대로 회사 직원들한테 정식적으로 얘기할거죠?
naeil yaghonsig kkeutnaneun daero hoesa jigwondeulhante jeongsigjeog-euro yaegihalgeojyo?
Tomorrow when the engagement party is over, you will officially tell the employees, right?

Jung In:
예, 아버님.
ye, abeonim.
Yes, father.

혼란이 좀 있긴 했지만 잘 정돈하겠습니다.
honlani jom issgin haessjiman jal jeongdonhagessseumnida.
There was a little chaos, but I will take care of it properly.

Mary’s Father:
오늘같이 좋은 날, 우리 매리 엄마가 살아있었으면 얼마나 좋았을까.
oneulgachi joheun nal, uri maeri eommaga saraisseosseumyeon eolmana johasseulkka.
On a good day like today, I think of how wonderful it would be if Mary’s mother were still alive.

Word List

서방 seobang = husband > 정서방 jeong-seobang = Jung the groom (but I’m not sure 😉 )
정식적으로 jeongsigjeogeuro = formally, officially
혼란 honlan = chaos, confusion
정돈하다 jeongdonhada = tidy up, arrange


KBS Korean Lessons – Mary Stayed Out All Night (16) : 얼마나 좋을까

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