Another episode from KBS ピンとくるドラマ韓国語 (Pinto Kuru Dorama Kankokugo = Korean Expressions in Dramas that You Can Understand). (I blogged about it yesterday.)

The complete lesson in Japanese is here.


Seo Joon:
이안한테는 다른 드라마 잡지 말아 달라고 압력을 넣어놓은 상태인데요.
ianhanteneun dareun deurama jabji mara dallago abryeog-eul neoheo-noheun sangtae-indeyo.
I put pressure on Lee An not to take any other drama.

지금 거기도 인내력의 한계 상황 같아요.
jigeum geogido innaeryeog-ui han-gye sanghwang gatayo. 
But it seems that now they too, can’t take it any longer.

Jung In:
신경 써줘서 고마워요.
sin-gyeong sseojwoseo gomawoyo. 
Thank you for troubling yourself for me.

Seo Joon:
뭘요, 친구끼리.
mwol-yo, chingukkiri.
No need to thank me. We’re friends.

Word List

압력 abryeog = pressure
인내력 innaeryeog = endurance, staying power
인내력의 한계 innaeryeog-ui hangye = limit of endurance
상태 sangtae = 상황 sanghwang = situation
한계 hangye = limit
-끼리 -kkiri = fellow
뭘요 mwolyo = What are you saying? You don’t need to say that.
mwol or 뭘요 mwolyo can only used as a response to ‘thank you’ between 2 people who have a rather close relationship.


KBS Korean Lessons – Mary Is Out All Night (44) 뭘요

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