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Kang Mugyeol!

너 온풍기 샀다고 너무 오버하는 거 아니냐?
neo onpung-gi satdago neomu obeohaneun geo aninya?
So you bought a heater but isn’t it too much?

좀 줄여!
jom juryeo!
Lower the temperature a bit!

집이 무슨 찜질방 같애.
jibi museun jjimjilbang gatae.
This house is like a sauna.

왜. 내 노래 저작권료로 기름값을 내면서 쓰겠다는데 그게 어때서?
wae. nae norae jeojaggwonryo-ro gireumgabseul naemyeonseo sseugetdaneunde geuge eottaeseo
Why? I’m using the heater and paying for the oil from the royalty of my song. Got a problem with that?

Word List

찜질방 jjimjilbang = Korean sauna
어때서? eottaeseo? = Got a problem with …? What’s wrong with …?
온풍기 onpunggi = heater
저작권료 jeojaggwonryo = royalty
저작권 jeojaggwon = copyright


KBS Korean Lesson: Mary Is Out All Night (45) 어때서?

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