Not familiar with this “스테파니 리” Stephanie Lee (spelling?), but the commercial says she’s a model.


무대가 바뀔때마다 클렌징은 확실히 하죠.
mudaega bakkwilttaemada keullenjing-eun hwagsilhi hajyo.
Every time I change stage, I surely do cleansing.

That’s why

Neutrogena deep clean.

단한번의 딥클린으로 모공끝까지 개운하게.
danhanbeon-ui dibkeullin-euro mogongkkeutkkaji gaeunhage.
You only have to do deep cleaning once to clear up your pores.

아~ 개운해
a~ gaeunhae.
Feel so fresh.

딥클린 포밍 클렌저 from 뉴트로지나
dibkeullin poming keullenjeo from nyuteurojina
Deep clean foaming cleanser from Neutrogena.

Word List

무대 mudae = stage
모공 mogong = pores
개운하다 gaeunhada = fresh, clear


Neutrogena Commercial

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