이태원으로 가려면 어떻게 가요?
itaewon-euro garyeomyeon eotteohke gayo?
How can I get to Itaewon?

여기 앞에서 지하철 6호선을 타고 이태원역에서
yeogi apeseo jihacheol 6hoseon-eul tago itaewon-yeog-eseo naeriseyo
At the subway station in front of this place, take  no. 6 subway train and, and get off at Itaewon Station.

15000여개 컨텐츠의 갤럭시전용 교육포털 러닝허

15000yeogae keontencheu-ui gaelleogsijeon-yong gyoyugpoteol leoning-heobeu
More than 15000 contents of Education Portal Learning Hub exclusive for Galaxy.

살며 사랑하며 배우며 갤럭시Tab으로 만나는 러닝
salmyeo saranghamyeo baeumyeo gaelleogsi Tab-euro mannaneun leoning heobeu
Live, love, learn. Learning hub that you can find with Galaxy Tab.  


Galaxy Tab Commercial

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