자막 : 대전 후의 감상
jamag : daejeon hu-ui gamsang
Text: Opinion after the race.

새로운 아이템에 대해서
saeroun aitem-e daehaeseo
About the new item.

여 : 너구리는 뭐 할수 있다고 했지?
yeo : neogurineun mwo halsu itdago haetji?
Woman: What did you say the raccoon could do?

꼬리로 장애물 치우고 방어도 되고 불꽃을 뒤로 쏠때가 기분좋더라
kkoriro jangaemul chiugo bangeo-do doego bulkkocheul dwiro ssolttaega gibunjohdeora.
It can get rid of obstacles with its tail, the tail can become protection gear, and I feel great when I shoot fire from the tail.

뒤로도 쏠수 있어? 불꽃을?
dwirodo ssolsu isseo? bulkkoch-eul?
You can shoot fire from the rear?

뒤로 쏠 수 있어?
dwiro ssol su isseo?
You can shoot from the rear?

드리프트 하면서 뒤로 불꽃을 쏘면 완전 지그제그로 나가니깐 불꽃 많이 나오더라고
deuripeuteu hamyeonseo dwiro bulkkoch-eul ssomyeon wanjeon jigeujaegeuro naganikkan bulkkoch manhi naodeorago.
If you shoot fire while making a drift,  it will move in zigzag and shoot a lot of fire.

Junsu :
역시 럭키7이 가장 좋죠.
yeogsi leogki sebeuni gajang johjyo.
I think Lucky 7 is the best.

거의 꼴등을 하고 달리다가 럭키7두면 연속으로 나와 일등했잖아.
geoui kkoldeung-eul hago dallidaga leogki  sebeun dumyeon yeonsog-euro nawa ildeunghaetjanha.
Even if you almost lost the race, if you get Lucky 7 in a row, you will win the 1st place.

정말 말이 필요 없는거 같아.
jeongmal mari piryo eomneun-geo gata
It’s just so great that nothing needs to be said about it.

닌텐도 3DS 마리오카트7
Nintendo 3DS Mario Cart 7

오 7 나왔다
o chil-lawatda
Oh, here comes 7.


JYJ in Nintendo Mario Cart 7 CF

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