사랑해 교촌치킨 널 사랑해
saranghae gyochonchikin neol saranghae
I love you Kyuchon Chicken, I love you.

좋아 좋아
joa joa
I like it. I like it.

세계가 들썩 들썩 들썩 들썩 들썩
segyega deulsseog deulsseog deulsseog deulsseog deulsseog
The world is jiggling jiggling jiggling…

교촌치킨 맛에 푹 빠졌어
gyochonchikin mase pug ppajyeosseo
I fell in love with Kyuchon Chicken’s taste.

K치킨 교촌
K chikin gyochon
K chicken Kyuchon

세상을 들썩이게 하다
sesangeul deulsseogige hada
It makes the world jiggle.

Kyuchon Chicken

치킨이 생각날때 1577-1991
chikin-i saeng-gangnalttae 1577-1991
When you think ‘chicken’, call …


들썩이다 deulsseogida = jiggle, tremble


Super Junior in a Chicken Commercial

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