저기, 승기 씨.
jeogi, seunggi ssi.
Excuse me, Mr. Seunggi.


승기씨는 여자를 볼때 어디를 제일 먼저 보세요?
seunggissineun yeojareul bolttae eodireul jeil meonjeo boseyo?
What do you see first from women?

응… 사이즈.
eung saijeu.
Hmm… size.


이승기, 여자 사이즈에 집착?
iseung-gi, yeoja saijeue jibchag?
To Lee Seung Gi, woman’s size does matter?

여자 볼 때 사이즈 먼저 본다
yeoja bol ttae saijeu meonjeo bonda
When he sees a woman, he looks at her size first.

줄자도  가지고 다녀
juljado gajigo danyeo
He even brings his own measure tape.

나중에 보시면 알아요.
najunge bosimyeon arayo.
You will understand when you see it later.

Samsung Zipel Grand Style 8600


Lee Seung Gi in a Refrigerator Commercial

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