After I finish this I will find out how to say ‘what do you mean he’s not gay?’ and ‘are you in denial?’ and… ‘when he comes out of the closet, everybody will say duuuuh’ in Korean.


아무도 몰라주던 너를 스타로 만들어줄게.
amudo mollajudeon neoreul seutaro mandeureojulge.
We’ll make you -who didn’t know anything- a star.

빈폴, 스무살의 꿈을 스타일링하다!
binpol, seumusal-ui kkum-eul seutaillinghada!
Beanpole, we take care of your  style to achieve your 20-year-old dreams.

Super style Beanpole.


G-Dragon and Shin (Cross Gene) in Beanpole Commercial