감자를 기름에 튀기면 뭐죠?
gamjareul gireume twigimyeon mwojyo?
What do you call potato that is fried with oil?

당연한걸 물어요. 감자 튀김이지.
dang-yeonhangeol mureoyo. gamja twigim-iji.
You’re asking something too obvious. It’s fried potato.

그럼 그건요?
geureom geugeon-yo?
Then what is this?

감자를 기름에 튀기면
gamjareul gireume twigimyeon
If potato is fried with oil…

Fried potato.

예감은 튀기지 않았어요.
yegam-eun twigiji anhasseoyo.
Yegam is not fried with oil.

감자를 기름에 안튀기면
gamjareul gireume antwigimyeon
If potato is not fried with oil…

감자 안튀김
gamja antwigim
Unfried potato.


오리온 예감
Orion Yegam.


Potato Chip Commercial

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