김수현을 김수현처럼 찍는건 일도 아니지.
gimsuhyeon-eul gimsuhyeon-cheoreom jjigneungeon ildo aniji.
It’s not for taking pictures of Kim Soo Hyeon so they would look like Kim Soo Hyeon.

이수현을 김수현처럼 인물을 구원하다.
isuhyeon-eul gimsuhyeon-cheoreom inmur-eul guwonhada.
It helps Lee Soo Hyeon’s pictures to look like Kim Soo Hyeon’s.

[인물의 상태를 개선시키는 안면정화기능]
[inmur-ui sangtae-reul gaeseonsikineun anmyeon-jeonghwa-gineung]
“Clear-up-face” function to fix profiles of the face.

익서스 125 HS Canon
Exsus 125 HS Canon

Word List

인물 inmul = figure, profile
구원하다 guwonhada = provide aid
개선 gaeseon = improvement
정화 jeonghwa = purification
안면 anmyeon = face, visage


Canon Camera CF

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