[Unboxing] The Indonesian Edition of Shinhwa’s Album “The Return”

I went to the city (Jakarta) last night to meet my sister. I had a chance to stop by at Disc Tarra (a CD store in a shopping mall) and I was thrilled to find the Indonesian edition of Shinhwa’s album “The Return” sold at Rp 75,000. It is manufactured and released by Universal Music Indonesia. For comparison, the Korean edition is Rp 200,000.

Let me show you the pictures:

The lyrics in the booklet is totally unreadable, no matter how hard you try to squint or strain your eyes. Super tiny and blurry orange letters on white paper… what were they thinking…

I don’t mind the mediocre packaging because I just wanted the CD to listen to in the car, and the price is not expensive, but I guess if you’re a real fan of Shinhwa, and you want something ‘memorable’, you might want to consider get the Korean edition somewhere else.

Have you watched the music video?
Venus by Shinhwa: