French Cafe Coffee Mix Commercial


Kim Tae Hee:

지금이 커피 바꿀때
jigeumi keopi bakkulttae
Now is the time to change coffee.

프렌치카페 카페믹스
peurenchikape kapemigseu
French Cafe Cafe Mix


첨가물 카제인 넣은 커피
cheomgamul kajein neoheun keopi
Coffee with additives and casein

무지방우유 넣은 커피
mujibang-uyu neoheun keopi
Coffee with non-fat milk

넌 뭐 마실래??
neon mwo masillae??
What do you want to drink?

난 무지방 우유!
nan mujibang uyu!
I’ll have non-fat milk!

우유가 몸에 좋은건 상식이니까!
uyuga mom-e joheun-geon sangsig-inikka!
Because it’s common knowledge that milk is good for your body.

프림에 카제인 대신 무지방우유
peurim-e kajein daesin mujibang-uyu
Non-fat milk instead of creamer and casein.

카제인말고 우유 OK!
kajeinmalgo uyu OK!
Not casein, milk OK!


프림 peurim = coffee creamer
첨가물 cheomgamul = additives 添加物
무지방 mujibang = non-fat, fat-free 無脂肪
상식 sangsig = common knowledge 常識