“Noriko Goes To Seoul” Movie Trailer

I watched this movie (노리코, 서울에 가다) last year when I just started learning Korean because I liked Lee Hong Gi (FTISLAND) who was starred in it. I didn’t expect it to be a sad movie but I cried a little bit.

돈이 모자라요.
doni mojarayo.
I don’t have enough money.

싸고 괜찮은 방 보러 갈래요?
ssago gwaenchanheun bang boreo gallaeyo?
Would you like to see a cheap and nice room (to rent)?

모리 노리코라고…
mori noriko-rago…
I’m Noriko Mori…

민하, 수업해요.
Minha, sueobhaeyo.
Minha, let’s have our lesson.

(I couldn’t catch what the man screamed. I think he said something along the line of ‘for god’s sake, just do the lesson with her.’)

이제부터 사부님이라고 불러요.
ijebuteo sabunim-irago bulleoyo.
From now on, call me ‘master’.