Teaser of Block B [Play! BBC World Camp]

Block B will be having a camp event in Korea for fans from all over the world. One of the fun things that they prepare for fans is morning call service from the members. I wish I could go, but, uh no, I’m broke. As always. ^^

Morning call from Park Kyung:

자자… > (not sure how to spell this)

우리 공주님 잘 잤어요?
uri gongjunim jal jasseoyo?
My princess, did you sleep well?

이제 일어날 시간이에요.
ije ireonal siganieyo.
Time to wake up.

어젠 너무 피곤했죠.
eojen neomu pigonhaetjyo.
You were really tired yesterday, weren’t you.

빨리 일어나서 아침 먹어요.
ppalli ireonaseo achim meogeoyo.
Get up quickly and let’s have breakfast.