I Love You, STi

I have a huge crush on STi’s voice. He’s a K-Pop artist, of course.

When I first heard his sexy speaking voice on 1sagain’s music video (see below), I went ‘kyaa kyaa’ Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノキャー like a crazy fan girl and grin widely like a pabo over it. (바보 pabo/babo=a fool)

The phone conversation in the beginning of this video does that to me:

Kyaaa!! OMG OMG!! This boy’s voice is sooo hot!!! <= Here I go again. And this was before I even knew his name and searched for his images on Google.

So it went like this: the video had English translation. The singer 1sagain called his friend as “STi”. So I went to 1sagain’s Twitter to find out in case he tweeted to this STi… and there this ‘suspicious’ account ID “artisti…” (hmm… “sti”… “artisti”…). I checked it, and voila, he was the one I was looking for.

I’ve told you I had a huge crush. That’s what we girls do when we have a crush on someone (or some voice), we play detectives.

So who is this STi guy? you ask.

Guess what, after hours of Google search, I still know nothing other than the obvious: just like 1sagain, STi is also a K-hiphop artist. (To be honest, I don’t think I’ve ever read anything about 1sagain, either.)

It seems that there’s almost no news about him on English sites and completely no news/blog posts about him ever written in Japanese. So I guess he’s not globally famous, then…? (Correction: 8/13/2012 finally found a Japanese blog about him.)
What a shame. And so not fair! His voice is so sexy. And he’s actually kind of cute! (Why don’t you see his pics and some basic information about him on MNet site).

What’s worse is I couldn’t find any of his albums/singles at the CD shops where I usually get my fix to my K-Pop addiction. I assume it’s because his work has never gotten into the chart (?). Not that I follow the music chart closely…

Anyway, it doesn’t matter. If I like a singer’s voice (plus if the voice in question induces some chemical reaction commonly known as  happiness>> yikes, this sounds stupid…) I don’t care whether it makes to the top 10 chart or not. I really enjoy this ‘kyaa kyaa‘ stuff. I need to have more of it.

So, according to MNet he’s been active since 2007 and he has released 9 albums. That’s quite a long history… and there are several of his videos available online, but I recommend this music video of STi’s song: “Long Distance Relationship” (장거리 연애/janggori yeonae). It’s such a cute MV, completely in anime.

And what’s special about this MV is… it has a phone conversation in it! I get to hear STi’s sexy voice again. Σ(゚∀゚ノ)ノキャー

A fan even put English subs in it so you can learn some useful Korean from it. Like “long-distance relationship is hard” = 장거리 연애는 힘들어 (janggeori yeonae-neun himdeureo).

Oh, and STi tweeted funny stuff, too. Like this one:

He tweeted: “A black brother who loves the Korean wave. But he didn’t know Korean that well.” See the twitpic.

You do understand why it’s funny, right? ‘Oppa’ is a term to address older brother used by younger female. If you’re a guy, you use ‘hyung/hyeong’ instead.

On his Twitter profile STi put the URL of his website… which is completely in Korean: http://artisti.co.kr/
*sigh… hangul hangul hangul…

I guess I can read his site with the help of online dictionary if I’m really curious.
Right now I’m too lazy & too hungry & too sleepy & too busy with other things I don’t want to elaborate… so probably later!

And oh, I’ve found a video of his interview (and his buddy, 1sagain) on YouTube:

Ugh! I understand nothing. I want English sub. (No, it’s OK. No need for sub. I’ll just study Korean harder and get back to it in like 5 years, or more. Yeah, me! Hwaiting!)
Anyway, he sounds slightly different, though. Hmm… maybe because the whisper-like voice is not there anymore.

OK, conclusion: I need STi to make a full-length album with him conversing over the phone ONLY.

(So not gonna happen. But, oh, it would be great if he would. *I’m fully aware that I’m being lunatic fan girl ajumma again). (아줌마ajumma=older woman who cannot call herself ‘a girl’ anymore).

By the way, do you know how hard it is to find relevant information on him with the keyword ‘STi’, or in hangul it’s seuti/스티, on YouTube? I had to look real hard because I kept getting search result for ‘ice tea’ (아이스티/aiseuti), and ‘superstition’ (슈퍼스티션/syupeoseutisyeon), and ‘Steve Jobs’ (스티브 잡스/seutibeu jabseu)…

Also, I  have subscribed to his Twitter’s RSS feed…  and his blog so I won’t miss anything.

Yeah, I’m officially cyber-stalking him. Why am I confessing all this on a blog? My family will be embarassed of me when they read this but I’m hitting the Publish button anyway. LOLOLOL ^^

Thanks for reading.