I Ordered CDs from YesAsia

This blog post is going to be another ramble about some artists, and not about learning Korean, so you can leave, Class. See you next lesson. ^^

Here we go.

Yesterday I left a comment on Neuron Music‘s Facebook page that I couldn’t find 1sagain’s CDs anywhere. To my surprise, the admin replied to me, suggesting iTunes and YesAsia. If you think about it, usually you don’t get replies from so-called official Facebook page, let alone English reply from a Korean page.

So I searched for ‘1sagain’ on YesAsia’s site… and got Sti’s albums as the result. Weird.

Let’s see… Hmm… No 1sagain… at all. None. Maybe it’s distribution problem or something…

Anyway, if you’ve read my post here, you know I have a crush on STi’s voice so I was glad I found his CDs.

The 2nd album, Unique Festival, for US$15.99.

The 3rd album, Love Zodiac, for US$14.99.

And a package of the 2nd and the 3rd album for only US$20.99.

I had limited budget and I needed to keep the amount under 50 dollars to avoid additional tax from Indonesian customs, and I also wanted to have the soon-to-be-released ONE OK ROCK’s single and M.I.B’s debut album “Most Incredible Busters” as well… so I decided to get STi’s 3rd album only.

I’m worried a little about the customs because the additional import tax is very steep, about 40 to 60% and I had paid about 700 thousand rupiah (US$ 70) the last time. And I’ve heard stories that sometimes the customs make their own estimation of the price of your purchased goods. So even though the real price is under $50, the customs might estimate it for higher value if they see fit. I hope they won’t do it to me.

By the way, did you know that M.I.B first album is limited, for adult only (over 19) in South Korea? I asked Yes24Indonesia (it’s the branch of Korean online store Yes24) via Twitter whether or not I can get the CD, but they didn’t answer me. So I just assumed they couldn’t sell it… or maybe it was too troublesome for them to sell it here due to the age restriction. So I was thrilled I could order it from YesAsia.

Oh, and STi released the music video of his song 1Q84 yesterday:

So he got his inpiration for the song from Haruki Murakami’s novel, with 2 moons and stuff. I haven’t read the book, not intending to, either. I’ve heard it’s confusing for the simple minded ones like me. f(^^;)

Some of the Japanese letters there is questionable, but yes, of course I love it. So refreshing, so different from the pop songs on Music Bank. (But I need him to do more of his sexy whispering. He did none here. ^^)

So! Some videos!

STi featuring San-E, 1Q84:

Japanese rock band: ONE OK ROCK, The Beginning (50-second preview):

Full version (2012.8.14):

Korean hip-hop group: M.I.B (Most Incredible Busters), G.D.M (Girls, Dreams, Money):

Really can’t wait for my CDs to arrive.


1. YesAsia offers free standard shipping for order over US$39 (but maybe only for certain countries? Not sure).

2. I kept my purchase on YesAsia under $50 for fear of additional taxes, but maybe I didn’t have to worry about it…?