STi’s “Thanks”

Yesterday I spent some time learning Korean by reading STi’s -a Korean underground R&B singer/song writer- new tweets on my RSS reader.

So, I found that he retweeted a girl’s tweet saying that she liked STi’s narration voice on 1sagain’s music video.

I got really excited and tweeted to them, saying, “So I’m not the only one who thinks STi’s voice is sexy.” >> (in English)

I got even more excited because then STi tweeted one word: “thanks”. >> (also in English)

But not long after that, he deleted his tweet to me. So fast… I haven’t even got the chance to screen capture it, embed it in my blog, print it out and frame it to hang on my bedroom wall.

Why, STi? Why?

I guess he’s not used to having some crazy (weird… scary… foreigner) fans (a.k.a me).

Oh well.

I still love you, STi. But now I’m not going tweet it to you because I don’t want to scare you. *sob sob

Here are some videos of ‘Ultima featuring STi’ that I found on Freestyle Town’s YouTube channel… and love!

매미울음 maemi-ureum (Chirring of Cicadas)

I’m CEO, Bitch:

Hmm… I can’t find Ultima on YesAsia. Ah, so Ultima is the CEO of FREESTYLETOWN? ###