I Just Love Commercials

I actually love TV commercials and that’s why I’m trying to learn Korean from commercials here. You know what those polyglots out there say: learn from what you love. So thank you, nice people who upload them on YouTube.

Related to commercials, recently I found a YouTube channel that uploads latest Japanese TV commercials. Japan is very strict about copyrights so I wonder how long the channel will be there. But anyway, here’s one of those videos…

Watching it, I was thinking… the mail translation function on the mobile phone looks better than Google Translate… I want it. Oh, in the 2nd commercial, isn’t that Nozomi something-something that Lee HongGi (FTISLAND) has a crush on? He confessed his love to her a couple of times on Twitter. I wonder if they’ve met yet. Oh.. dance game on Wii! Kimutaku doing gags! And more. Anyway I had fun watching it and found myself grinning for the whole 6 minutes.

Now… here’s Uee (AfterSchool) on a commercial for BDLab Happy Diet Program ready to help you practice your Korean, say I to myself.


다이어트가 어려워?
dai-eo-teu-ga eo-ryeo-wo?
Diet is hard?

한번 따라해봐!
han-beon tta-ra-hae-bwa!
Try follow what I do for once.

Shake it! Shake it! BD BDLab.

가볍게 250kcal
ga-byeob-kke 250kcal
Lightly 250kcal

아침에 마시고 BD BDLab
a-chi-me ma-shi-go
Drink it in the morning.

Chewing. Chewing. BD BDlab.

건강하게 영양발란스
geon-gang-ha-ge yeong-yang-bal-lan-seu
Healthy nutrition balance.

저녁에 씹고 BD BDLab
jeo-nyeo-ge ssib-kko BD BDLab
Chew it in the evening, BD BDLab.

매일 매일 다르니까 BD BDLab
mae-il mae-il da-reu-ni-kka BD BDLab
Comes with different flavor every day.

참 쉽지? 따라해봐.
cham swip-jji? tta-ra-hae-bwa.
So easy, right? Do as I do.

큐원이 만든 Happy Diet Program BDLab.
kyu-wo-ni man-deun Happy Diet Program BDLab
Happy Diet Program BDLab, made by Kyuwon.

New Words for Me:

영양발란스 yeongyang ballanseu=nutrition balance, 栄養バランス

씹다 [ssip-tta]=chew, bite

> also a slang for ‘to ignore’.

Don’t ignore my text message.=문자 좀 씹지마. mun-jja jom ssip-jji-ma.
It’s an expression I learned from Message, a song by MYNAME.

OK. Bye. Thanks for reading. ###