Practicing Korean on Twitter

When I started learning Korean last year, I made a new Twitter account so I can tweet in Korean to practice, follow Korean celebrities, and learn Korean from their tweets. But people I know from real life started following me… so of course I followed them back, out of courtesy. And then one by one they unfollowed me without notice because… well, I tweet about Korean language… in Korean or Japanese all the time. They can’t even read my tweets so my tweets must be really annoying for them. ㅎㅎㅎ

So today I thought that I’d make a farewell tweet to them, in Korean:

언팔로우 감사합니다.
eonpallou gamsahamnida.
Thank you for unfollowing me.

저도 당신의 트윗에 관심이 없어요.
jeodo dangsin-ui teuwise gwansimi eobseoyo.
I wasn’t interested in your tweets, either.

하지만 제가 먼저 언팔로우하는 건 실례라고 생각했어요.
hajiman jega meonjeo eonpallouhaneun geon sillyerago saenggakhaesseoyo.
I just thought it would be rude for me to unfollow first.

Well, isn’t saying this thing is kind of rude, too…
なにこれ、アホちゃう?What’s this? So dumb! ㅎㅎㅎ

But all my friends are mature adults. Even if they read this post, which I highly doubt, they will not say anything about it. It’s not important, anyway. Not something worthy to discuss about. I was just practicing my Korean.


What’s on today?

Oh, Music Bank on KBS World. Yay!