Block B 120811 Big 4 Concert Talk

Thank you, BBCs who have uploaded, translated, and put hangul & English sub in it… so I can learn Korean from it.

I hope Block B’s next album will be great. なに言ってんの… of course it will be! It’s Block B’s! I really can’t wait. I wonder when it’ll be out. I heard that it’d be a full-length album.


Do you wanna B? Block B! >> Do they mean ‘do you want to be a Block B member’ or ‘do you want a member of Block B to be yours’ or what? I don’t get it.

annyeong haseyo.

We’re Block B.

먼저 저희 이렇게 대 선배님들이 오시는 자리에
meonjeo jeohui ireohke dae seonbaenimdeuri osineun jarie
First of all,  we’re thankful to be invited to the place where our big seniors are coming,

저희 이렇게 초짜 신인 블락비를 불러주셔서 감사드리구요.
jeohui ireohke chojja sinin beullak-bi-reul bulleojusyeoseo gamsadeuriguyo.
even though we’re Block B merely rookies and newcomers.

저희 모르시는 분들이 많으실 것 같아서 먼저 저기… 자기 소개 먼저 하고
jeohui moreusineun bundeuri manheusil geot gataseo meonjeo jeogi… jagi sogae meonjeo hago…
There are many people who don’t know us… so first of all, we’re going to introduce ourselves…

#연이은 2곡 댄스에 정신 못 차리는 아기태일
#yeon-ieun igog daenseu-e jeongsin mot charineun agi-tae-il
Baby Taeil could not keep his composure after 2 consecutive dance numbers.

네… 네…
ne… ne…
Yes… yes…

저부터 소개를 할게요.
jeobuteo sogaereul halgeyo.
I’ll introduce myself first.

저는 블락비에서 메인보컬을 맡고 있는 태일입니다.
jeoneun beullak-bi-eseo meinbokeoreul matgo inneun taeil-imnida.
I’m in charge of main vocal of Block B. I’m Taeil.



블락비에서 랩을 맡고 있는 PO입니다.
beullak-bi-eseo raeb-eul matgo inneun PO-imnida.
I’m P.O. I’m in charge of rap in Block B.


블락비에서 서브보컬을 맡고 있는 재효입니다.
beullakbi-eseo seobeubokeor-eul matgo inneun jaehyo-imnida.
I’m in charge of the sub vocal in Block B, JaeHyo.

Park Kyung:
네, 안녕하세요.
ne, annyeonghaseyo.
Yes. Hello.

보시면 알죠.
boshimyeon aljyo.
You can tell just by looking at me, right?

얼굴을 맡고 있는 박경입니다.
eolgureul matgo inneun pak-kyeongimnida.
Park Kyung, in charge of “visual” of the group.

네, 안녕하세요.
ne, annyeonghaseyo.
Yes. Hello.

블락비의 비범입니다.
beullak-bi-ui bibeom-imnida.
I’m B-bomb of Block B.


블락비에서 미소를 담당하고 있는 유권입니다.
beullak-bi-eseo miso-reul damdanghago inneun yugwon-imnida.
I’m U-Kwon, in charge of “smile” in Block B.

Park Kyung:
와~ 저희가 전주를, 저번에 왔었는데
wa~ jeohuiga jeonjureul, jeobeone wasseonneunde
Wow… we had came before to Jeonju, but

이렇게 많은 분들이 계실 지 몰랐습니다.
ireohke manheun bundeuri gyesil ji mollassseumnida.
we didn’t know there would be so many people here.

너무 많아서…
neomu manaseo…
There’s so many of you…

그리고 다 신화 선배님들 팬…
geurigo da sinhwa seonbaenimdeul paen…
And they’re all Shinhwa’s fans… (not ours)

Park Kyung:
아 진짜 다 신화 선배님들 팬분인데…
a jinjja da sinhwa seonbaenimdeul paenbuninde…
Ah, I guess they really are all Shinhwa’s fans… hahaha.

네, 저희 블락비는 이제 데뷔한지 일년 육개월이 지난
ne, jeohui beullakbi-neun ije debwihanji illyeon yuggaewori jinan
It’s been a year and a half since our debut.

신인 아닌 신인 그룹인데요.
sinin anin sinin geurubindeyo.
We’re newcomers who are not really newcomers.

잘 모르실 수도 있어요.
jal moreusil sudo isseoyo.
You might not know us that well.

오늘 보시고 관심 많이 가져주시면 감사하구요.
oneul bosigo gwansim manhi gajyeojusimyeon gamsahaguyo.
We’re grateful if you take a lot of interest in us after seeing us today.

저희가 원래 쎈 힙합곡이나 방금 보여드렸던
그런 곡들이 많은데
jeohuiga wollae ssen hibhabgogina bang-geum boyeodeuryeotdeon geureon gogdeuri manheunde
We actually sing many intense hip hop songs like the ones you’vejust seen, but

이번에 여기 예쁘신 여성분들이 많으니까
ibeone yeogi yeppeusin yeoseongbundeuri manheunikka
this time there are many beautiful ladies so

달달한 노래를 하나 들려드리려구요.
daldalhan noraereul hana deullyeodeuriryeoguyo.
we’re going to sing one sweet song.

Park Kyung:
네, 그리고 저희 비범이형이 요즘 운동해서
ne, geurigo jeohui bibeom-ihyeong-i yojeum undonghaeseo
And our B-bomb has been working out a lot lately

몸 키우고 있으니까요.
mom kiugo isseunikkayo.
to build his body, so

앞으로 많이 지켜봐 주기 바랍니다, 여러분.
apeuro manhi jikyeobwa jugi baramnida, yeoreobun.
please watch over us from now on.

다음 곡, 저희 앨범에 수록돼있는 싱크로율100% 들려드리겠습니다.
da-eum gog, jeohui aelbeom-e surogdwaeinneun singkeuroyul 100% deullyeodeurigessseumnida.
The next song… we will sing Sinchronization 100% from our album.

New Words for Me:

초짜 chojja = newcomer
달달한/달달하다 daldalhan/daldalhada = sweet