Finally… My Copy of STi’s 3rd Album ‘Love Zodiac’

CDs I ordered from YesAsia arrived (sent via airmail) in perfect condition yesterday.
The postman only asked me for a Rp 3.000,- fee which I happily paid even though he didn’t give me any receipt for it.
So relieved because I was worried if someone in charge decided to charge me Rp 700.000 plus like the last time I ordered from Amazon Japan.


I was so thrilled to find STi’s real signature on the lyric booklet.

스티의 친필 사인에 감동 했어요.
seuti-ui chinpil sain-e gamdonghaesseoyo.
I was moved by STi’s autograph.

You see I didn’t order directly from him -he sells his work on his website, too- but I still got his signature. Wow. So unexpected.
The CD was wrapped in thick plastic film. So he must have signed it and wrapped it again and distributed it and then YesAsia sold it to me.

Here’s what’s written, I guess, because some of the hangul is not really clear to me:

장스티씀 = Written by Jang STi.
No. 151
으훙~ 너무 감동스러워요~ = Ehm… I’m deeply moved.
스티 3집 구매는 탁월해요. ・_・= It’s great that you’ve bought STi’s 3rd album.

Oh, OK, so he basically wrote: thank you for buying my CD.

I was wondering what the number 151 meant so I tried to find some information on his website.

So it seemed like he was having a special event for the launching of his 3rd album… and he had signed 170 copies. So I got no. 151.

So only 170 in the entire world? It’s even more precious than Birkin bags. (^^♪

And and and… he tweeted something funny today so I will just embed the tweets here.

He was saying a woman who claimed to be from a royal family in Ghana had asked to marry him, and he got confused about how to respond to her since she kept making effort to talk to him. Hahaha (^O^)

And then he tweeted, asserting that he liked (or preferred) Korean girls.

So it means he’s single and looking for a girlfriend?

STi, himnaeseyo! Hwaiting! 스티 씨, 힘내세요! 화이팅!

He will release his mini album no. 3.5 (3.5 jib) in September.

Oh, and for STi’s Indonesian fans out there -hopefully, I’m not the only one here- now you can buy his 2nd album ‘Unique Festival’ on Yes24Indonesia.

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