How to Type Korean Hangul on Windows 7

1. Click Start (the Windows icon) > Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > “Change keyboards or other input methods”.

2. A window “Region & Language” should pop-up.
Choose “Keyboards and Languages” tab.

3. A button that says “Change keyboards…” will appear.
From here you can change/add/remove language(s) for your keyboard.

4. Scroll down the list… click “Korean (Korea)”.
Expand the list and under “Keyboard”, check the box that says “Microsoft IME” and/or “Korean”.

5. Click “OK” then exit.

6. You should now see the added KO (for Korean), aside from EN (if you’re using English keyboard, but I use JP for Japanese) on the right-hand side of your taskbar/language bar.

7. Now you might want to memorize the Korean keyboard layout so you can type faster. There are some hangul typing games available online.

But meanwhile you can use/click ‘Soft Keyboard‘ from the language bar to show you the layout of Korean/hangul keyboard on your computer screen(if you don’t see it, see under ▼Options).

8. I always use my mouse to toggle languages and letters but there are some short cut key that might come in handy:

To toggle between languages, click Shift + Alt.
To toggle between alphabets, Hangul, and Hanja 漢字, use the right Alt.

9. Some people think that if they press ‘G’ and then ‘A’ on the keyboard, they will get the hangul ‘GA’ 가. No! It doesn’t work that way with the original layout.

Check your Soft Keyboard on the screen, and then click ㄱㅏ to get 가 (‘GA’).

10. For double consonant & double vocal, press [Shift + the hangul]. Example:
[Shift + ㅂ] = ㅃ
[Shift + ㅐ] = ㅒ

11. Please don’t sue me saying I’ve ruined your PC if you fail to understand this instruction. Please get someone else to help you. I know nothing more than what I’ve written here. 미안해요. m(_ _)m  Mianhaeyo.

Good luck. (^^♪


28 thoughts on “How to Type Korean Hangul on Windows 7

  1. 감사합니다….=) I really want to learn Korean Hangul so badly.. I always like to tweet to Lee Kwang Soo but so far I didn’t receive any reply from him at all. I believe he does reply to fans..but not always.. So busy.. or I thought maybe he couldn’t understand my tweets. But I do hope he did read some of my tweets before..Because all I wrote encouraging tweets to him. But for me, I think typing in Hangul is a bit too soon.. I need to learn the characters first..memorize them then I can type using Keyboard, in hangul. Right now I just use Google Translation, add words here and there to make a correct sentence in Hangul.


  2. hye. i want to ask. how to type cluster consonant in hangul using windows keyboard. for example wae, ㅗㅐ. as i see on soft keyboard there is no way to combine these alphabet become a syllable. Thank you for such an informative blog to learn this language.


  3. 우와~~~땡큐~!!!
    It’s very helpful !!!!!
    I was soooooo desperate to know how ppl can type 한굴 on PCs & found this !
    I’m very very thankful for this ^^
    You’ve been great help 사랑해욬ㅋㅋㅋ


    • How did that happen? If you changed your keyboard from Control Panel, what would have changed is the keyboard, not any website or your laptop, which will be still in its original language.


  4. I’m a Korean and installed Eng. version of Windows 10 for Cortana, (Gods, she’s so smart! Way better than Siri). Anyway, thank you for this! It did the trick!
    So I could type Korean: 감사합니다 ^^ 그나저나 한국인이신지 묻고싶네요. (라기보다 닉네임을 보면 한국인이..신가?)

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    Dadⅾy mentioned with a teasing smile. ?It?s that he sent Ꭻesus to ddie for us and give us life
    ceaselessly and ever and that because of that well be a family in heaven forr tens of millions of
    years. That?s fairⅼy gоod isnt it?


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