4MINUTE Says Hi to Indonesian Fans

4MINUTE is coming to Jakarta next month. I think there’s Indonesian edition of 4MINUTE’s album “Volume Up” released by Universal Music Indonesia. 벌써 샀어요? beolsseo sasseoyo? = Have you bought it?

Apa kabar? (Indonesian for “how are you?”)
네 인도네시아 팬 여러분 안녕하세요.
ne indonesia paen yeo-reo-bun an-nyeong-ha-se-yo.
Hello, fans in Indonesia.

We’re 4MINUTE.

저희가 10월에 여러분을 만나러 인도네시아 자카르타로 가게 되었습니다.
jeo-hui-ga si-wo-re yeo-reo-bu-neul man-na-reo in-do-ne-si-a ja-ka-reu-ta-ro ga-ge doe-eo-sseum-ni-da.
We’re coming to Jakarta, Indonesia to meet all of you in October.

그리고 슈퍼스타의 우승팀 S4의 컴백무대도 있다고하니까 많이 기대해주시고요.
geu-ri-go syu-peo-seu-ta-ui u-seung-tim S4-ui keom-baeng-mu-dae-do it-tta-go-ha-ni-kka ma-ni gi-dae-hae-ju-si-go-yo.
And the winning team of Super Star S4 will give a come-back performance, so please look forward to it.

10월 30일 31일 자카르타에서 봐요. Bye!
si-wol sam-si-bil sam-si-bi-ril ja-ka-reu-ta-e-seo bwa-yo.
Let’s meet in Jakarta on October 30 & 31.

Sampai jumpa! (Indonesian for “See you!”)


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