Lee Nayoung in Uniqlo Commercial

What exactly is she trying to say? I don’t get it. (^_^;)


음… 그래도 저안의 중심들이 바뀌겠죠.
eum… geuraedo jeoan-ui jungsimdeur-i bakkwigetjyo.
Uhm… even so, the centers inside me will change.

그안에서 그래도 제게 있어야죠.
geu-an-eseo geuraedo jege isseoyajyo.
Even so, in all that, there’s got to be me.

고집스럽지 않은 제가 있어야 될 거 같아요.
gojibseureobji anheun jega isseoya doel geo gatayo.
There’s got to be me, who doesn’t get too attach to things.

자막 :
[아름답게 입는다. 아름답게 산다.
areumdabge imneunda. areumdabge sanda.
Wear beautifully. Live beautifully.


그냥 제가 하는것 재미있을거 같아요.
geunyang jega haneungeos jaemiisseulgeo gatayo.
I just think what I do will be interesting.

이번엔 어떤 느낌일까?
ibeon-en eotteon neukkim-ilkka?
How will it feel this time?

어떻게 이런 장르를 표현했을까?
eotteohge ireon jangneureul pyohyeonhaesseulkka?
How can I express this kind of genre?

그러기 위해서 제가 항상, 그게 저의 항상 최고 목표거든요.
geureogi wihaeseo jega hangsang, geuge jeo-ui hangsang choego mogpyogeodeunyo.
In order to do it, I always, it is always my highest goal.

제가 자신있게 보여드릴수 있는….
jega jasin-itge boyeodeurilsu inneun….
For me to be able to show with confidence…


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