STi’s New Music Video “Jamsil Cutie” (잠실귀요미)

Yesterday STi tweeted about his new music video of “Jamsil Cutie” (잠실귀요미 / Jamsil Gwiyomi) a song included in his 3rd album “Love Zodiac“.

The cutest music video ever. Let just say it’s “so STi”.

So yesterday night, I drank many many cups of coffee to keep myself awake so I could pore over the hangul lyrics of the song. I used FLTR, my favorite reading tool.

The lyrics… oh so cute. I felt like I was reading a narrative of a picture book. They go in perfection with the cute animated music video. At some parts, I even burst out laughing for the humor and cutesiness.

It’s about a 29-year-old guy who wants to date a cute girl he sees in Jamsil, who looks so young, maybe 20 year old, or maybe 23, but he hesitates about whether or not he’s good enough for her.

You know I like STi so much that I subscribe to the RSS feed of his Twitter account. Yes, I read all his tweets. No, I don’t have anything better to do with my life. Well, anyway, that’s how I find out about his odd Twitter behaviour. He tweets and deletes.

This morning, I checked my RSS feed reader and found that a fan girl asked about the meaning of some words of the lyrics, so I got excited and replied. (My ID is Korean Vitamin, you know, like this blog?)

And then, I tweeted to STi, asking about the white Nissan car on the music video. If you look close enough, you can even read the number plate. I asked whether it was really his car.

And he replied: “You could see (the numbers)? Yes, it’s my car.”

Whoa. My favorite Korean artist just tweeted back to me. And guess what, I was just… doumbfounded. I really didn’t know what to tweet back to him. And I still don’t.

Well, actually I have many questions for him, like:

-aren’t you worried that your car, plate number and all, is on your video, on the internet? You’ve got no crazy sasaeng fans? (Sasaeng-paen is the term for fans who turned into stalkers). Because, if I lived in Korea, I would be his own personal stalker. No, just kidding! OK, maybe I was serious. Wait, no, of course not! Ugh, I can’t make up my mind about this. Hmm…

-why does he tweet and delete? I’m really curious about this. I wish he wouldn’t delete because there are other fans who want to read his replies, too (I mean ME!). I think it’s better for his image if he doesn’t delete his tweets.

-what’s with the number 3.5 for his next album? Does it mean it will include the songs from his 3rd album and some new songs? So is it a repackaged version of the 3rd album?

-where can I buy it? Will it be distributed “mainstream way” or independently like his previous work?

-One day he tweeted his own picture and called himself 장대리 Jang Daeri (Jang Representative). What does it mean? Does he have a day job other than his music career?

I wanted to ask STi all that but on the second thought, today I was already overjoyed  that I managed to embed his tweet for me in this WordPress blog before he deleted it.

Right now, I’m very very happy. This wonderful feeling, this excitement, this gratitudeness that I feel right now, is exactly the reason why learning Korean is a major source of enjoyment for me.

앞으로도 열심히 한국어 공부할게요~!