Download Soul J’s Mixtape “Rap Professor”

STi tweeted that Soul J released his mixtape “Rap Professor 술교수의 하루” a week ago.

You can listen to the songs on Soundcloud and download the complete audio and lyrics in .txt files here for free. If you like Korean hip hop, you should give this mixtape a try. It’s really good, but I think the best songs are the 4 ones where STi is featured. I’m STi’s fan, anyway. Here they are:

술제이 – 01. OKAY (Feat. STi)

술제이 – 02. RAP FOR LIFE (Feat. STi)

술제이 – 04. 죽은 놈 (Feat. STi)

술제이 – 06. BYE BABY (Feat. STi)

A little note, if you decide to download “”, from Rhythmer‘s website, you will find some .txt files which are the hangul lyrics and some additional information about the mixtape. Those texts were unreadable on my laptop, but when I opened them with Internet Explorer, they were displayed correctly. If you open them in different browser, try change the encoding to Korean or EUC-KR.

Now I’m going to learn some Korean from the lyrics with my favorite reading tool, FLTR.

Wow, so many new words for me. I’m going to have so much fun tonight! And tomorrow night… and the next night… and the night after that…

I heard someone said that learning foreign language from songs are not really effective because songs are too easy and don’t have many words. I assume he never tries learning Korean from Korean rap songs.