Using FLTR (Foreign Language Text Reader) to Learn Korean (3)

With FLTR, you can

  • keep all Korean reading material that you’ve read in one place,
  • it makes memorizing new words much easier because it enables you to remember words through context,
  • and it enables you to recall the articles (the context) in which you read them so you can make better associations to the new words.

Have you read my other blog posts about FLTR?

Here are 2 other things FLTR can do:
1. show your text in your web browser
2. show simple statistics of words you’ve learned.

Right-click your text, click “View Text in Browser…”.

And your browser will do exactly that, show your text in your browser. You can tick and untick the box to show or hide the translation to check your comprehension of the text.

(I’m learning Korean through Japanese.)

To show how many words you’ve learned with FLTR, right-click your text, click “Text & Vocabulary Counts…”.

And this will appear:

Hopefully those numbers and the cute cat, “maneki neko“, will give you motivation to keep learning.

So I’ve learned new 1786 words in total. OK, not bad…

294 words I consider difficult (Unknown (1)),
50 words I consider knowing, but not really familiar with (Learning (2)),
and so on.

Tell me how you like this free software. Or better yet, blog about it. Bye!