Just Another Saturday in My Life

Yesterday I got out of the house… I hadn’t done that in a while. 😯

I went out and had sushi for lunch at a sushi restaurant in the neighborhood.

The sushi there was cheap so it was kind of expected that the taste wasn’t that great, but a little wasabi just worked wonders.

And then I went to Jakarta, (I live in the suburbs), and saw this banner. SM concert at Gelora Bung Karno, today.

Tohoshinki, BoA, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation… all the big names that got me into K-Pop. How weird that… just thinking that they were here made me smile. Even though I wouldn’t be able to see them because I didn’t have the budget to pay for tickets.

And there were banners for Big Bang’s concert, too.

Despite the traffic, I finally got to Kinokuniya Bookstore in Plaza Senayan. I bought this book: “Introduction to Simple Korean Conversations”. (I couldn’t find anything of advanced level). So expensive but I was grateful I could get it here, in Indonesia. I hope they would restock the Korean books section with new titles soon.

And then I went to Disc Tarra in Plaza Semanggi, and saw that the store had quite a few of Indonesian edition of K-Pop CDs.

I got pretty excited when I saw this, mini album “Midnight Sun” from Beast.

Sexy, Free, and Single from Super Junior. But no “Spy” because the CD was not the repackaged version.

Cross Gene. With DVD. Kinda plain. Should I get the Korean version instead?

Jay Park, the red version of New Breed.

Even F(x)!


I bought “Midnight Sun”. (Kyaa~ so happy~). I’ve been wanting it since it first came out but didn’t buy the Korean version because I had a feeling they would release Indonesian version (cheaper!).

For dinner, I had Bulgogi hamburger (that’s kind of Korean), and Chicken Gangjong (also Korean) at Lotteria. The food was great.

And not that expensive, either.

So yeah, I had a great day with somewhat Korean theme. 😎