Quizlet Review

How long does it take to master Korean? How long does it take to be fluent in Korean?

To be fluent in Korean, obviously  you must memorize a lot of Korean words.

Maybe 1,000 words first as a start,
then continue to 6,000 words for intermediate level,
and I believe you can say you’re fluent when you have memorized 10,000 words.

It’s just a rough estimation, and besides,
I doubt that whether any one counts his/her own vocabulary when learning a foreign language,

I certainly don’t,

but at least it provides some kind of standard that I keep in mind
to push me to keep going when I started learning English, Japanese and now Korean.

So… to help you memorize words, you can use flash cards.

Flash cards made of paper like this:

Or you can use flash card app on the web, like: QUIZLET (http://quizlet.com).

I’ve been using Quizlet since the very first time I decided to learn Korean (only a year ago), and you might want to give it a try, too.

What’s great about this free* web app is:

(*it has a premium plan, too, but I doubt I’ll ever need it).

1. the site is neat, intuitive, and very easy to navigate

2. you can use pictures to make your cards more attractive (upload your own or search from Flickr)

2. it automatically adds audio to your flash cards so hopefully you can memorize new Korean words a lot easier

3. interesting games and quizzes to test you

My favorite game on Quizlet is Speller (dictation test).

4. you can embed your flash cards on your blog and share your flash cards with your friends or class.

5. it has mobile apps so you can use it on your smart phone (learn everywhere!).

Who knew that flash cards could be fun?

By the way,  how long do you think it will take you to memorize 10,000 words?