Official Complete Script of Drama “He’s Beautiful” & CD Japan Review

독서의 계절 가을입니다. \(^o^)/
It’s autumn! The best season for reading. As people in Korea and Japan would say.

Honoring this wonderful tradition of autumn reading campaign, I bought one more book to enjoy this fall. (I live in a tropical country but let’s just skip the details.)

美男ですね 公式コンプリートブック ドラマの全セリフで学ぶ韓国語 1

“He’s Beautiful” was one of the first romantic Korean dramas that I watched and liked. I became a fan of Lee Hong Gi (FTISLAND) and Jung Yong Hwa (CNBLUE) because of this drama. The Japanese title is Ikemen Desu Ne 「美男(イケメン)ですね」.

Book 2 is on my wish list:
美男ですね 公式コンプリートブック ドラマの全セリフで学ぶ韓国語 2

(CD Japan affiliate link)

In this book series, you can read the whole script from the popular Korean drama “He’s Beautiful” / “You’re Beautiful” / 미남이시네요.

The hangul drama scripts comes with Japanese translation, and pronunciation guide in katakana.

Book 1 covers episode 1 to 8, and book 2 covers episode 9 to 16 (the last episode).

All pages are printed in full color. I’m not good with cameras, unlike this picture, the real pages actually look more colorful and easy to read.

I love the idea of learning natural Korean from Korean dramas.

After all, to enjoy Korean dramas without subtitles is my main goal and the main reason why I decided to start learning Korean in the first place so this book series is really a wish come true.

On last pages there’s even a chapter on basic Korean grammar.

I will order the 2nd book as soon as I finish reading this one.

CD Japan Review

It was my first time ordering from
CD Japan

I first found the store from the description section of a J-Pop music video on YouTube.

CD Japan sell Japanese stuff (CDs, DVDs, books, magazines, collectible goods, etc). I found some K-Pop CDs, too.

The site is in English, targeting at international customers. They respond quickly to any inquiries in English.

The Help section of the web site is really informative and answers all my questions.

The site shows the shipping fee before you complete your transaction. (For honto, it’s after). You can choose the shipping method (the alternatives are EMS, airmail, etc.).

They generously give points with purchase, questionnaires, or other campaigns, that can be transferred to PayPal or used to pay your future purchase.

Moreover, they even have an affiliate system that will give you points even for your own purchase. For details, click here.

You need to apply first and put their ads on your blog but then later you will get 5% commission if you click your own affiliate link before you buy something from them. (That’s what I’m doing here).

I’m very satisfied with their service and will shop there again in the future.

I just found out that customers can make requests for Japanese books that are not listed on CDJapan’s website. More information click here.