Sung Gyu (Infinite) in Galaxy Player Commercial


이야~ 책 펴는 속도는 3G인데, 잠드는 시간은 아주 LTE네?
iya~ chaeg pyeoneun sogdoneun 3Ginde, jamdeuneun siganeun aju LTE-ne?
Oh my… your speed to open a book is 3G, but your timing to fall asleep is LTE. >> What does it mean? ^^

정신차리고! 형 하는 거 잘 봐봐.
jeongsincharigo! hyeong haneun geo jal bwabwa.
Focus! Look carefully what I’m about to do.

폼나게 갤플 딱 들고 요즘 대세 인강 알지?
pomnage gaelpeul ttag deulgo yojeum daese ingang alji?
Take your Galaxy Player with style… You know about those popular internet video lectures, right?

그거 찾아서 멋지게 플레이!
geugeo chajaseo meotjige peullei!
Look for it, and play it with style!

어때? 공부하고 싶은 마음이 막 샘솟지?
eottae? gongbuhago sipeun ma-eumi mag saemsotji?
What do you think? It makes you feel like studying, right?

대세 daese = in style, top (artist, etc.), in fashion
인강 ingang = internet video lectures (터넷+의)
샘솟다 saemsotda= well up, gush out