STi’s Reply or How I Use Twitter to Practice My Korean

Here’s another fun reason to master Korean: to be able to tweet your affection to your favorite Korean artist and to get @mention from him or her if you’re lucky.

You see, I’m a fan of STi, a talented geeky indie hip hop artist who makes cute songs and cute music videos. Actually, I’m not even sure he’s indie, I couldn’t find information about it anywhere. Apparently some more recognition wouldn’t hurt. But it seems to me that he has been producing albums and doing everything by himself, like a self-published author… but in music. I find that very inspiring.

Two days ago, he tweeted about his live performance video that he uploaded on his YouTube channel.

지난 일요일 BitterSweetSound에서 있었던 스티 라이브 영상 입니다.
=This is a video of Sti’s live performance at BitterSweetSound last Sunday.

즐겁게 봐주세요.
=Please have fun watching it.

참고로, 박서쇼때 이거보다 더 잘할겁니다. 에헴.
=FYI, I will do better than this on the Boxer Show. Ahem.

Yesterday I replied to that tweet. In Korean. So proud of myself. And so embarrassed of myself now, when I read my tweets again.

It’s practically a fan letter:

스티 님은 정말 귀여우세요.
=STi, you’re so cute.

스티 님의 목소리에는 마음을 치유하는 힘이 있어요.
=Your voice has a healing power in it.

마치 천사의 목소리 같아요.
=You have the voice of an angel.

전 스티 님이 이야기할때도 좋아요.
=I’m also fond of your speaking voice.

웬만하면 좀 더 많이 이야기하는 동영상을 올려주세요.
=If it’s not too much trouble, please upload more videos with your talking in them.

제발 제 부탁을 들어주세요.
=Please consider my request.

I’ve been learning Korean for only a little over a year, so I’m not 100% sure that I made no grammatical mistakes, but at least I can assume it was comprehensible enough because the next morning, which is today, I found STi’s reply. Yaay!

멘트는 재미없어서 뺐는데 다음부터는 좀 더 넣을게요.
=The announcement (talk) part was boring, so I edited it out, but next time I will include more of it.

=Thank you.

You can’t imagine how excited I was, so I tweeted to him again:


=Thank you.

스티 님의 감미로운 목소리에 중독 됐습니다.
=I’m addicted to your sweet voice, STi.

=I love you.

좋은 하루 되세요 v(^^)
=Have a nice day.

And he replied in English: “have a nice day”.

@mention tweets from STi are such mood lifters, I’m going to go through life today with a big happy smile on my face… (and a more compassionate heart?).

I’ve heard it over and over again that Koreans don’t say 행복해~ (=I’m happy~), that it’s weird and unnatural to say that. But who cares. I have low standards of happiness. And I’m a foreigner, it’s expected of me to use weird Korean. So I will say it anyway:

행복해~ haengbokhae~ I’m so happy~

Korean is fun. ###


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