Anki Review

Anki is a free flash card software…
which is so popular among foreign language learners on the internet…
so if you’ve never heard of it…
I really don’t know what to do with you. #facepalm

Just kidding.

Anki is a flash card software that quizzes you when you’re about to forget a word so you will never forget a Korean word you’ve learned. It uses a theory called SRS (Spaced Repetition System). If you keep forgetting, it will just test you over and over in short intervals until you memorize the word or until you delete the card.

I love Anki.♥ Period. That’s my review.

Here I will just show you how I set my flashcard to learn Korean. If you want step-by-step Anki tutorial you will have to find it somewhere else.

Anki Tutorial by its creator:

My Anki is in Japanese anyway, I don’t know why. Maybe I chose the language when I first installed it.

How I use Anki:

1. I added a 2nd set of cards. So I will have 2 set of cards (Card 1 and Card 2) that will quiz me both ways: Korean to Japanese, and Japanese to Korean.

2. I changed the font-family, font size, and color to my preference.

3. I installed a plug-in or add-on called Google TTS to add audio to my cards.

I always check the correct pronunciation on Naver/Daum 국어 Dictionary because sometimes Google TTS reads a word incorrectly.

얹혀살다 should be pronounced 언처살다, Google TTS.

So, this is how my card looks like:

I keep my cards simple because I don’t want to spend much time on making pretty cards, I’d rather spend time reviewing them.

And my cards have sound, in Korean and Japanese. Neat. The robotic voice keeps me alert and makes memorization easier. And the most important thing is Anki makes sure I don’t forget a word.

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