Skin Food Commercial – For Mother

[엄마의 스킨푸드]
eomma-ui seukinpudeu
Mother’s Skin Food

Su-gar coo-kie blusher?

딸애 꺼 몰래 써봤는데
ttarae kkeo mollae sseobwanneunde
I tried my daughter’s things without her knowledge

잘 받는 것 같지 않아요?
jal banneun geot gatji anayo?
Doesn’t it look great on my skin?

푸드는 나이를 가리지 않잖아요.
pudeuneun naireul gariji anhjanhayo.
Food doesn’t question your age.

푸드의 정직함을 믿으니까 스킨푸드.
pudeu-ui jeongjighameul mideunikka seukinpudeu.
Because I believe in Food’s honesty, Skin Food.


딸애 ttarae = my daughter
가리다 garida = choose, indiscriminate


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