Boyfriend in Dear Berry Commercial


디어걸 dearberry를 만나다.
dieogeol dearberry-reul mannada.
Dear Girl meets Dearberry.

영화 보러 오셨네요.
yeonghwa boreo osyeonneyo.
You’ve come to watch movie?

이제 말씀 안 드려도 다 아시죠?
ije malsseum an deuryeodo da asijyo?
You’ve already known even if I don’t say it, right?

geugjang etiket!
Theatre etiquette.

dearberry를 바른남자 바른여자
Dearberry-reul bareun-namja bareun-yeoja
Gentlemen and ladies use dearberry.

영화관람에티켓이 바른남자 바른여자
yeonghwa gwanlam etikesi bareun-namja bareun-yeoja
Theatre etiquette makes you a gentleman and a lady.

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