Song JungGi in Soonso Commercial


엄마를 쉬게하자.
eomma-reul swigehaja.
Let’s let mother rest.

사골곰탕 보기엔 같아도 만드는 방법은 다르다.
sagolgomtang bogien gatado mandeuneun bangbeob-eun dareuda.
Sagol Gomtang, even it looks the same, it’s cooked differently.

algo meogja.
Let’s know before you eat,

사골만 푹 고은 국물 그대로인지 아닌지.
sagolman pug go-eun gungmul geudaeroinji aninji.
only Sagol, whether the soup is boiled for a long time or not.

손수 푹 고은 사골곰탕.
sunsu pug go-eun sagol-gomtang.
Soonso Sagol Gomtang which is boiled slowly.

아워홈 손수
a-wo-hom sonsu
Our home made.

국물이 진해.
gungmuri jinhae
The soup is thick.

12시간 사골만 직접 끓여 그대로 담았습니다.
12sigan sagolman jigjeob kkeurhyeo geudaero damassseumnida.
Only Sagol that is boiled for 12 hours and packaged directly.

고다 goda = boil, simmer
손수 sonsu = made by oneself