Lang-8 and My TOPIK Preparation

These last few days, I’ve been reading and examining old TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) questions, and I got really sick of studying the advanced level grammar.

Up until now, I have only read Korean children story books, articles about K-Pop stars, and K-Pop song lyrics, and I’ve never found advanced level grammar in them. That makes me wonder about where and when these difficult grammar points are really used. What’s the fun in memorizing all these -답시고, -기로서니, -건만 etc. if I haven’t got any use for them outside the TOPIK test?

So I asked Lang-8 for help, and there were 2 nice Korean people who answered my question. Both of them suggested some 현대문학 작품 or Korean modern literature.

This person complimented my Korean.

One of them recommended 운수 좋은 날. And then I found that I can read “운수 좋은 날” online. Here. Oh my God, it is hard.

And I found some other stories, too. 감자 and 날개 seem interesting.

The other person recommended 소나기 and 사랑방 손님과 어머니. I found the books on Yes24, and I intend to order them later.

Other books to read.

Now I’m worried whether I can understand those literary works, but then I can always ask my questions on Lang-8.

PS: I got replies from other people this morning, and they recommended watching Korean dramas and reading essays. The Koreans on Lang-8 are awesome!

Lang-8 and My TOPIK Preparation”에 대한 2개의 생각

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