Read Aloud Korean

My HP laptop is broken, even though it’s only 2 year old.

My Wish in 4 Languages.

I’m borrowing someone else’s laptop right now, so I will just blog quickly.

I’ve been learning Japanese for almost 15 years (Yikes! That long? No wonder my Japanese is excellent! ^^), and I’ve been self-learning Korean -through Japanese- for a year.

I live in Indonesia, I’ve never been to Korea, and I’ve never met any living Korean in person, but I think it’s possible to master Korean by studying on my own in my spare time. I’m not kidding.

Just get some books and start studying! Go online! Daily exposure is easy to get in the age of internet.

Without further ado, here is me, practicing reading and speaking Korean and Japanese (1 minute 36 seconds):

I read the 1st page of this book:
Sekai No Chuushin De Ai O Sakebu (Crying Out Love In The Middle of The World)
written by Kyoichi Katayama.

and the Korean translation of the Japanese novel, which is this book:
세상의 중심에서 사랑을 외치다
카타야마 쿄이치 저/안중식 역

Maybe I should start my own podcast. Hmm? Naah…!