FT ISLAND’s Signatures

In March 2012, I was teaching myself Korean by reading and analyzing FTISLAND’s vocalist, Lee Hong Gi’s tweets.

It wasn’t easy because I was new to the language (I started learning in July 2011), and he often misspelled and used slang words, but I didn’t mind.

Love is a powerful thing.

Anyway, I noticed he tweeted an unusual word, “babo”, or “stupid”, a lot, and I assumed he used it as a term of endearment for FTISLAND’s fans.

He Still Uses “Babo” Even Now

Around that time, KBS World Radio was giving away FTISLAND members’ signatures for fans whose questions were chosen for the radio program Backstage Chat. My question was chosen and KBS sent me FTISLAND’s signatures on a laminated paper.

Gift from KBS World and FTISLAND

Gift from KBS World and FTISLAND

(I still don’t know which signature belongs to whom.)

Needless to say, it got me even more addicted to learning Korean. ###

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